Welcome to All American Sauce Co.

We are now at Charlie's Fresh Catch in Vernon.

Be sure to pick up your sauce when you stop by for your Superbowl Sunday shrimp and seafood.

Find us at:

    Ellington Winter Farmers Market on 2-1-20 from 2pm - 4pm 

  Coventry Winter Farmers Market on 2-2-20 from 11a-2p

Serving Suggestions


1.  Classic or Kickin Classic are great for Shrimp Cocktail. 

      Add horseradish for an extra layer of flavor and heat

2.  Pineapple with Kielbasa or Vienna Sausages in a crock pot for 


3.  Cherry is excellent with meatballs in a crock pot.

     Great for glazing a ham with as well.

4.  Make SUPERBOWL pizza using Classic or Kickin with diced chicken

     jalapenos  and cheddar cheese for a fantastic addition to your half

    time buffet.