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Welcome to All American Sauce Co.


We now have sauces that are low carb!!    Monk Fruit has replaced brown sugar.  Monk Fruit has zero calories, zero net carbs and zero glycemic indexBeef broth has been replaced with vegetable broth.

New Product Updates

We are currently working on our new low carb line of sauces.  Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer samples.  However if you stop by the venue at the Ellington Farmers Market (currently at the Ellington High School) I will be more than happy to provide a take away taste for sampling.  I do ask for feedback on the sauce though!!

Sweet and Savory Onions are on their way!!!  Hopefully by the time we move back to Arbor Park on the 4th of July, they will be ready for purchase.


Our new products will also include Sweet and Savory Onions, Cocktail Sauce as well as some surprises with garlic!!  


Dragon's Blood and Classic Barbecue Sauce?   

 A Match made in Heaven!!!     

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