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We at the All American Sauce Co. have been inspired to create foods that bring people together.  Our journey began while providing lunch at a family reunion in 2014.  We were told by a native Texan that ours was the best BBQ sauce he had ever tasted!!  He and his family are BBQ aficionado’s since they have eaten BBQ extensively in their travels.  The sauce and food were such a hit that the family inspired us to begin making and selling the sauces.


After 5 years of tasting and testing we believe we have created exceptional sauces using the highest quality, most flavorful ingredients.  One taste and you will believe these products deserve a place on your food and tables.


We are a family oriented company that hand crafts each small batch of sauce. Every jar is filled, capped and labeled by hand.


All American Sauce Co. strives to source all ingredients from local farms as well as produce and bottle our products in community based facilities.  We also work to support small farms and businesses.


We are also very proud to join with our local community partners in supporting numerous charitable and philanthropic endeavors. Please follow us through our social media links.


Valerie & Kirk   Founders

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