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  1.  All American Sauce Co requires 50% down on all wholesale orders and the balance due on the day of delivery.

  2. All wholesale orders will be sold by the case only.  A case is 12 units of each size.  Different jar sizes cannot be combined in a single case, but flavors of the same size can be combined.

  3. Initial wholesale order must be for a four (4) case minimum. 

  4. Subsequent wholesale orders must be for a minimum of two (2) cases.

  5.  The following sizes are available:

         -4 oz. jars

         -8 oz. jars

         -16 oz. jars

         -32 oz. jars       


**Larger sizes available on request and require a three week lead time**


  6.  All individual units not sold in a case will be                 charged at full retail price.

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